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Intelligent Outbound Call Routing to Anywhere in the World.

Wholesale A to Z VoIP Termination offerings

Our goal at IXC Wholesale is to provide the highest quality VoIP Termination to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), VoIP, and mobile networks in the industry. We successfully achieve this goal by using our Nationwide facilities-based network, proprietary Rate Management and Routing Intelligence System, on-net capabilities, and by working with direct peering partners as well as high quality off-net vendors. IXC can terminate your local, long distance, and international calls with confidence and at highly competitive rates.

Retail Connect

It is the routing product that is designed for the needs of cable and mobile operators. This routing product provides you with all the mobile services you require at the best quality and a stable price level! Your subscriber will not miss a call-back opportunity, which will increase your revenue.

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Carrier Connect

It is the routing product for you when quality makes or breaks a deal in your business. Our routing managers direct your traffic to IXC’s quality routes with overflow options and 24/7 network monitoring for proactive and reactive measures in case of a failure and quality issues.

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Direct Connect

It is the routing product if the price is your priority. It is a price-optimized least-cost routing offer with decent quality since it always uses the cheapest routes available. This routing product is designed for Wholesale VoIP Providers whose customers demand the best available rate.

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Telecom Carriers that have partnered

The following customers rely on IXC Wholesale’s VoIP network to provide the foundation for their communications platforms, delivering innovative voice solutions for their customers.

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