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IXC offers three levels of service for voice termination.

As the international voice business becomes more dependent on scale and efficiency, IXC can help carriers and providers from all segments of the industry succeed with a range of global termination products that provide flexibility of coverage and features to fit your requirements.

You decide how to interconnect to IXC‘s network. Access to the service is possible via:

  • Public & Private IP circuits – via SIP or H323 and Secure VPN tunnel
  • TDM circuits via SS7/C7 and ISDN – in New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles

Based on your cost and quality requirements and type of your market segment, you can choose from three available service level categories for your voice termination. In all three service levels, IXC acts as a single point of contact. It can offer world-wide coverage, thus eliminating the need for you to negotiate any further contract for terminating your international voice traffic.


Retail Connect

This solution is especially designed for the needs of cable and mobile operators. Enjoy all the mobile services you require and expect the best quality at a stable price level! Your subscriber will not miss a call-back opportunity, which will increase your revenue.

Carrier Connect

When quality can make or break a deal, trust our Carrier Connect service. Our routing managers direct your traffic to IXC’s quality routes with overflow options and 24/7 network monitoring for proactive and reactive measures in case of a failure and quality issues.

Direct Connect

It is a price-optimized, least-cost routing offer with decent quality since it always uses the cheapest routes available. Direct Connect routing product offers the most affordable international termination and is designed for providers whose wholesale and retail customers demand the best available rate.


Comparison chart of Routing Products

Retail Connect Carrier Connect Direct Connect
Number of overflows up to 12 up to 6 0
Quality monitoring permanent permanent no
Capacity monitoring daily daily no
Direct routing yes yes no
Clear channel (64kbps) yes no no
DTMF yes yes no
Fax G4 yes no no
Fax G3 yes yes no
Mobile roaming number yes no no
CLI yes no no
RDN yes no no
OCN yes no no
ASR like bilateral 10% below bilateral 50% below bilateral
PDD North America < 5 seconds < 6 seconds not monitored
PDD Europe < 6 seconds < 7 seconds not monitored
PDD Africa < 6 seconds < 7 seconds not monitored
PDD Rest of World < 8 seconds < 9 seconds not monitored
Trouble tickets yes yes yes, if line is down
Maintenance windows 14 days in advance 14 days in advance 14 days in advance
SLA Policy Within 2 hrs. Within 12 hrs. no
We know that everybody is looking for low rates. But, we know that you need high quality as well, as an ITSP you know that the key to success is having access to a wide variety of service providers and routing choices. We would like you to add our service to your routing LCR, and experience the difference that our dedication to quality, and Customer Support can make.

We are well known in the market for terminating calls into very hard destinations, and sure always providing the high quality, each route is tested and ensured by IXC’s NOC that it meets the quality standards for our routing, our quality ensuring process is manual and this guarantees the quality. We know the pain of trying to deal with the large carriers, where it can take days to receive a response, and are committed to providing you with the information you need to have, when you need to have it.

Our long experience will bring you the quality you need, the well structured interconnection network that we have brig you low coast and high quality routes.


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