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International VoIP Termination

International VoIP Termination service is competitively priced on a per-minute basis and managed in real-time to help you build your investment in international voice business. You may purchase wholesale international voip termination services based on your needs, and because we manage your international voip termination service in real-time, we help protect you from fluctuations in demand and route quality.

Based on your cost and quality requirements and type of your market segment, you can choose from three available service level categories for your voip termination. In all three service levels, IXC Wholesale acts as a single point of contact. It can offer world-wide coverage, thus eliminating the need for you to negotiate any further contract for terminating your international voice traffic.

This commitment to measurable high-level QoS in international interconnections results in higher subscriber confidence and, as the table below indicates, can have a significant impact on your revenues and overall profitability.

Other Carrier vs. IXC Wholesale

Other Carrier

Cost/Min ASR ACD Total Calls Total Minutes Total Cost Sell/Min Revenue Profit
$0.130 20% 3 Min 1,000,000 600,000 $78,000.00 $0.175 $105,000.00 $27,000.00

IXC Wholesale

Cost/Min ASR ACD Total Calls Total Minutes Total Cost Sell/Min Revenue Profit
$0.145 35% 3 Min 1,000,000 1,050,000 $152,250.00 $0.175 $183,750.00 $31,500.00
What if you could get an instant access to a high quality international voice network without a huge investment in infrastructure? Combining our wholly owned network and the networks of our partners, IXC Wholesale can offer international calls to virtually every destination worldwide, and keep you connected to a wide selection of carriers.

Designed for domestic and regional carriers as well as for broadband, mobile, VoIP, and 4G/LTE operators, our network allows you to focus on your core business while still maintaining a service portfolio that’s attractive to your customers. It’s also easy to upgrade, so you can add mobile video calling whenever you’re ready.

Managing international voice business in real-time

  • Real-Time Reporting routes with insufficient quality are quickly identified and remedied. This provides the highest possible quality service to any destination. IXC is recognized by our customers as having exceptional route visibility, which gives them confidence that any problem will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.
  • Real-Time Pricing has a dynamic rate-management system that provides all relevant information for evaluating pricing. Real-time capabilities have made pricing a highly objective and methodological process with capabilities for rapid response with little error.
  • Real-Time Routing it is one thing to recognize low-quality or suboptimal routes, and quite another to make a corrective change quickly. When a problem is identified, new routing is selected to correct the problem, all within an average of two minutes.

Your customers reach the globe with International VoIP Termination

IXC Wholesale’s International A-Z VoIP Termination service gives you a complete solution for global calling needs while providing with an optimal combination of high quality and competitive rates to any global destination.

IXC Wholesale switching equipment resides in two of the largest carrier hotels in New York City and Los Angeles where we maintain high quality connections to our carriers. We have developed a proprietary routing mechanism allowing us to provide our customers with the capacity and stability they need, regardless of size or location. If one of our facilities becomes unavailable, another facility automatically begins routing calls, with little to no customer impact.

IXC Wholesale unique routing allows us to serve customers who may require only a single outbound call at a time, up to large call centers who need to make hundreds of concurrent calls. We interface to our customers using the industry standard SIP and H.323 protocols.


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